Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogging blah...........

Ok so it has been almost a years since I blogged........I do have some good excuses. 1. I dont have a computer of my own 2.I dont like to blog with out pics. We are all fine, I am working Mike is FINALLY working. The kids are all good Kilee we found is allergic to Milk so she wasnt growing. We have Fixed that problem!! The kids start school in a few weeks and I will be sad, Manily because I wont get to sleep in anymore!! I am working in the afternoons though so that will be good since I will be able to watch and get Hunter off to kindergarten, and wont need a sitter for Kilee (unless she decides NOT to stick to the nap routine) We arent sure what schedule Mike will have, so hopefully he will be around some as well. Although he has some GRAND Ideas to work 2 jobs......the money would be nice, but NOT seeing him or having his help is NOT so great!

SO when I can get my pics off my Camera and onto a computer I will post some more! As it is I am using the computer that my work supplied for me, it has a block so I can't post pics!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainy Day fun!!


So when we were getting all that rain in June (I know took me long enough) My boys thought it would be fun to go play in the rain!! It rained really hard for awhile. It was actually kind of a cold day so Brock wore his coat! Kenzie cant decide if she wants to grow up or not.

Watching the hanger the found float down the road!

Fighting over the hanger!

Brock thinks he is funny! Hunter well.......we just think he is CRAZY!!

Yep thats Brock in his winter coat........SOAKING WET!

Hunter laying in the road!!! Yes its also a gutter!!!
He is fearless!

When I am hot I look at these pictures and I cool right off!

just some pics......of Kilee

Kilee Loves to pull this face!

This is her blessing dress that Aunt April made!!

This dress was a little big on her, but she loved it and looked so cute!
(she kept putting her fingers in the holes)


She loves to be outside, dirt is ok too!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


She Swings!!!

She is watching the people walk by (good thing they hadn't pitched yet)

Playing Second base!

Getting ready to hit the ball!!

OK so It has been quite a while since I updated and we have been really busy with lots of things. I will start with softball first. Mckenzie decided this year she wanted to play softball with some friends. So we signed her up for the city league. Well I got a call on day from the city and was asked if I wanted to Coach. Of course I said NO!! Somehow I got roped into it anyway. It was a lot of fun, but a WHOLE lot of stress as well. It was great to get out and do something and the boys LOVE the ball field (they both are also playing ball now.) On the first game of the season as Kenzie was sliding home the pitcher from the other team went to tag her (she was already safe.) Well in this process somehow the girl hit her helmet that then hit Kenzie's collar bone, which caused a hairline fracture. This being said I thought it was the end of her season (more like wished.) She did end up coming back and playing. Then at one of our practices she was fielding a ground ball and received a Very black eye. I was beginning to think that maybe sports weren't a good thing after all. Kenzie is a very good athlete and mainly played outfield, she is a very fast runner, but we soon found out she was a really good 2nd baseman as well. I, however, found that coaching wasn't my thing (plus I hate dealing with the parents.) It was a fun experience (all but the city politics) I had a great time getting to know the girls on my team. I just wish the parent would have remembered that it was a city rec team!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Changing of the seasons..........

SO I really love the changing of the seasons, especially winter to spring. I really look forward to spending time outside and working in the yard (even mine that is really small.) I have even bought a new grill for this year and have used it everyday since we got it up and running!!!
I however am really getting tired of what the changes bring to my child!!! Every year since Brock was born the season changes make him sick!!!! Just Friday I was saying to Mike, Guess what its March and that means Brock will be getting sick this month! Winter to spring are the worst for him. This year is no exception, he once again has croup!!!!

Why does this keep happening? and Why cant the doctors find out why? Just a few questions going through my head!!!

Apparently, he is "allergic" to Utah. So, if it is 'allergies" why wont they give him something? The last time this happened was last September, we thought he was having an asthma attack. So we think, "lets take him in and FINALLY get a diagnosis." So off to the emergency room we go. Only to find out its croup. Needless to say we were there the whole night. They should have admitted him, but didn't, which made his pediatrician really mad!!! I have tried everything that they have told me to try and still nothing has helped! Short of moving I don't know what else to do!!! I keep hoping that he will grow out of this, but still he hasn't. I just know his school is not going to believe me, oh well!! I just hope Kilee doesn't get it. If anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestions!!!!!
However, Vaseline up the nose does not work, we have tried Dimatapp, but he has become "use" to it. We do run a humidifier all day and night, and Benedryl causes him to be up all night and wired all day. Thus, causing him to have muscle aces. Just for those of you who are wondering!!! Oh, and his Dr. refuses to give him Singulair (which I find odd and frustrating, since its the one thing that seemed to help a little.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

McKenzie and Kilee
(I LOVE this pic)
(not to sure she liked this)

(Christmas dress from guama Toni)

Kilee is 6 months old!!

She had her check-up today, and although she is skinny she is doing just fine! She is growing and she is doing everything physically that she is suppose to do.

Her stats are as follows: Height 25 1/2 inches, Weight 13.6 lbs, Head 42 1/2 cm.

Those put her in the 50% for height,10% for weight, and 50% for head. She is little on the lite side, but all my kids (with mike) have been and what else can we expect. The Dr. says not to worry and just keep doing what we are doing. Just loving her!!

She also had all her shots and did fairly well, she needed lost of hugs and lots of holding today. I was off all day and I was more then willing to hold her. Its just so sad to see her sit there almost bored looking. But everytime I tried to play with her, or put her down she cried. Mike was a big help and luckily for me she loves her daddy, or I wouldn't have been able to do what I needed to get done!!! Kilee is such a good baby and for the most part sleeps through the night. She goes to bed between 7-8 and sleeps until 5 unless she had cereal for dinner then she will sleep until 8-9. So I cant really complain, she never really cries and for the most part is just a sweet baby!! We all love her so much and I am so happy she came to us!!
I have lots of pics of Kilee and my kids from a girl I work with. She is thinking of getting into taking pics and they turned out cuter then the ones I could have taken, so in the next few posts I will send a few out there. The ones on my side bar are also from her!! I think she did a very good job and all but my boys did too. Shiloh (my friend) has boys the same age as mine and really they just wanted to play!! Thanks again Shiloh!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update after the Crazy New Year

OK so it has been so long since I have posted but what can I say. Christmas was actually really good. I have to thank Debbie for that. She was so nice to help us pay for Christmas and then let us pay her back. THANKS DEBBIE. Anyway I ended up having and unexpected 2 weeks off at Christmas. I got a really bad infection on my stomach called MRSA Staph. For those of you that don't know what it is, it is an Antibiotic Resistant Staph infection. It was about the size of a softball. Needless to say I had to be off work since I could barely walk. I started to feel better about the Saturday after Christmas, which was great because we got to spend time with Greg and his family. Poor Debbie was really tired of seeing us, but that's what happens when you have a nicer house (sorry Debbie.) New Years came and went we were at Debbie's house and played a few games with the kids. I ended up falling asleep with Hunter on Debbie's bed, then I moved to the couch.
Now life is somewhat back to normal. I am back to work and trying really hard to keep Kilee from getting sick. I took her to the Dr. on Monday for what I thought was an ear infection. Well as he was listening to her lungs he said they didn't sound good. He did and RSV test on her and that was negative. He then told us because the air quality was so bad to keep her in the house as much as possible. She has another appt. next week so hopefully she will be better and cleared up.
As for the rest of the kids Hunter has finally gotten over a major ear infection, which also turned out to be MRSA. He is wild and crazy as ever. His new love is bowling and GIRLS. It is really kind of funny because he has a girl in his primary class that he "Loves." That's what he says, "hey there is Abby, I loves her. " Every Sunday he says that really loud!!!

Brock has been fine as far as health goes. He has been having a really hard time getting up and going to school. Which is frustrating and I worry a little bit, but his teacher has said that he is right were he is suppose to be learning wise. I just think it crazy that he has to be to the bus stop by 7:25. I mean really the suns not even up yet!!!

Kenzie has been a teenage girl. She has been trying really hard to keep up with her school work, but also have a social life. She has been doing a little babysitting and earning her own money. This has given her some advantages as to what she gets to go do, since my money is really tight. She has been really good at helping me and loves her little sister. She likes the boys to, just not as well. Its easy to love Kilee since all she does is smile at you and is content to let you hold her.

Well I hope this year is as good as the last or better for all of you. For me it just better be better!!!