Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogging blah...........

Ok so it has been almost a years since I blogged........I do have some good excuses. 1. I dont have a computer of my own 2.I dont like to blog with out pics. We are all fine, I am working Mike is FINALLY working. The kids are all good Kilee we found is allergic to Milk so she wasnt growing. We have Fixed that problem!! The kids start school in a few weeks and I will be sad, Manily because I wont get to sleep in anymore!! I am working in the afternoons though so that will be good since I will be able to watch and get Hunter off to kindergarten, and wont need a sitter for Kilee (unless she decides NOT to stick to the nap routine) We arent sure what schedule Mike will have, so hopefully he will be around some as well. Although he has some GRAND Ideas to work 2 jobs......the money would be nice, but NOT seeing him or having his help is NOT so great!

SO when I can get my pics off my Camera and onto a computer I will post some more! As it is I am using the computer that my work supplied for me, it has a block so I can't post pics!!

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